3 Office Personalities and The Apps They Need to Excel

arkansas small business apps It seems as if hundreds of apps are developed and placed on the App store every day. You know for a fact there’s some gold amongst all the clutter, but just like every other hard-working American you have no time to go digging for that perfect app that’s going to fit your specific needs. Technology was invented to provide efficiency and blogs were invented to inform and advise, so we think this combination was a match made in app heaven. Below is a list of helpful apps that will help make it feel like you magically were able to cram 28 hours into a 24 hour day. 1. The “I walked 15 miles both ways in the snow without shoes to school/ boot camp survivor” employee Carrot: If negative reinforcement inspires you, this to-do list app is for you. Carrot has the personality of a cranky drill sergeant that will motivate you to get your work done along with options for an alarm, exercise, eating habits, and just recently, a weather addition. Consider this app a snarky, slightly sassy, and definitely more judgmental cousin to Siri. 2. The “I can’t remember where I put that invoice, have you seen my keys, did I forget my kids at daycare again” employee Evernote: One of the more popular and well-known computer applications for the modern life, Evernote claims it’s the “app to manage it all”. Prices range from free to $120 a year depending on the amount of space needed and people using it. Evernote combines sticky notes with powerpoint with research documents with gmail and we don’t hate it. 3. The “I started researching best small business practices for a work project and 3 hours later I had watched 15 funny cat videos on YouTube and it was somehow already 5:00 and I’d only done 3 things on my 9 item to-do list” employee Toggl: The internet is a wonderful tool, but it has the potential to suck you in and hold you captive for hours. Toggl is a simple app that tracks your time. Just push the “start tracking” button every time you start a new task and you can keep accomplishing goals on track. In addition, companies who bill by the hour are using this to replace the tedious work of a timesheet.