National Entrepreneurship Month

How to Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month

National Entrepreneurship MonthNovember is National Entrepreneurship Month, and we at Arkansas Capital couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate all the outstanding businesses and organizations owned by entrepreneurs throughout the state. Whether you own your own business, you work for someone who started their own business, or you’re a member of this community, there are ample ways for you to enjoy and celebrate our thriving entrepreneurial community.

 If you’re an entrepreneur …

Take time to reflect on all the positive aspects of your business, and how far you’ve come since you first had the idea to strike out on your own. Then, treat yourself to a few days off for your hard work, or start planning that vacation you know you need but have been putting on hold. Also, make time to send some words of support to your fellow entrepreneurs this week, and look for opportunities to help mentor business owners who are younger or less experienced than you.

If you’re an employee …

Let you boss know you appreciate the leap they took to start the company, and for the leadership they provide each day. Also, give yourself a pat on the back for playing a role in helping keep the entrepreneurial dream alive – without employees, most of the amazing Arkansas startups wouldn’t exist!

If you’re a community member …

Look out for ways to support locally owned businesses. Maybe make a commitment to eat at only local restaurants this month, leave an outstanding review on your favorite local business’s Facebook page, or spend a Saturday hitting up all your favorite local shops with friends. Entrepreneurs depend on a receptive community in order to be successful, and you play a critical role in not only supporting local business, but in also helping other people do the same.

Whether you an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur employs you, or you’re simply living in Arkansas, we hope you all have an outstanding National Entrepreneurship Month!

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