Business Collaboration

How to Encourage Collaboration Among Your Employees

Business Collaboration

The old saying “Two heads are better than one” may be trite, but its meaning rings true when it comes to building and growing a business. While you may be the owner, your employees can play a valuable role in not only providing a service, but by helping you identify your own business blind spots and identifying opportunities for growth. Here are a few ways you can create a collaborative environment for your employees, and encourage more creative thinking to improve your business and consumer satisfaction.

 Create a positive, open environment.

The tone of your office culture begins with you, so set a precedent of being open to suggestions, and never put down employee ideas. Always listen when someone has a suggestion, and take time to actually consider what it would be like to implement it. While you may not end up going with the idea, you employees will know you appreciated the thought, and are open to hearing new ideas for the business.

 Hold team members accountable.

Hold your team to a high standard, encourage them to pursue quality work and display the same level of excellence and commitment you demand of them. You’ll create an environment where good work is valued and rewarded, which will encourage them to pursue new, innovative ways to accomplish goals.

 Empower your employees.

Nothing kills collaboration like micromanagement. Empower your employees by letting them take initiative on projects, and trusting them to get the job done right. Always communicate that you think of them as smart and capable, and you’re grateful to have them on your team.

 Be relaxed.

Lastly, let go of being uptight. While there are always rules that need to be followed and deadlines that need to be met, allow some fluidity in your employee’s daily lives. Great ideas aren’t often born out of tense environments, so do your best to keep a positive, relaxed vibe at the office as much as possible.

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