Susan Maddox, Rosemont Inn & Cottages

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Skills entrepreneurial financing

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Susan Maddox’s entrepreneurial dream started on her 30th birthday when she opened her first business. As a young Arkansan living in Dallas, she had been following her passion and entered the advertising industry. “My husband was a film-tape producer and I had found jobs in the industry from a very early age”, stated Susan. Her drive to keep reaching for more and more success led to her owning her own business.


It was the 1970s and one of the obstacles Susan faced was gender bias. Susan said that “time, the tireless efforts of a lot of strong women and supportive men have changed this environment.” In the mid-1980s Susan moved her business to Little Rock. By 2000, she had enjoyed enough of corporate America and closed the agency and opened her first lodging business.


The next big obstacle Susan faced was a combination of gender and age. She wanted to grow her lodging business but financing was not there with her bank of 20+ years. That’s when a fellow entrepreneur introduced Susan to Al Hodge and Arkansas Capital Corporation. With ACC’s faith in Susan’s ability and their financial support, she expanded Rosemont dramatically and added Rosehaven Cottages. Now according to Susan, “My only limits are my own imagination and courage.”