Business Owner Mentor

Why Small Business Owners Need A Mentor

Business Owner Mentor

Most business owners would agree a mentor is a positive personal and business relationship to have, but few see it as the invaluable asset it is. Having a mentor in your life isn’t just something worth considering; it’s something you should be actively pursuing if you don’t have one. Read on for a few reasons why you need to find a mentor.

 You’ll gain perspective.

When first starting a business, the smallest hiccup can feel like the end of the world, but having a mentor can help you get out of your own head and keep you from getting too caught up in daily struggles. Your mentor will also offer different outlooks on your business, and may be able to offer new information on various situations, allow you to make better, more informed decisions.

Your network will grow.

By spending time with your mentor, you’re going to naturally make new connections you may not have had before. As you open up about your business struggles and victories, your mentor will likely also connect you with others that can offer insight to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll be able to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

One of the most rewarding parts of being a mentor is helping other people avoid the mistakes you made. Your mentor has likely already been in your shoes, and in some instants, they will be able to tell you exactly what not to do based on their previous experience.

 You’ll be encouraged.

Spending time around someone who has already accomplished a goal similar to yours is encouraging by itself, but a mentor will also be able to offer words of encouragement or advice during tough situations.

 You’ll know where to get advice you can trust.

As an entrepreneur, you receive copious amounts of solicited and unsolicited advice from friends, family and colleagues. While typically well intentioned, advice and information in such high volumes is over whelming, and it’s difficult to know what will truly work for you and your business. By having a mentor, you can single out one reliable source of knowledge and information that knows you, knows your business and has your best interest in mind.

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