Why Students Should Be Taught Entrepreneurship

arkansas entrepreneur In most fields, a lack of innovation usually results in a downward spiral of the entire industry, and the same is true of education. For too long, children have been taught their ABCs and 123s without enough education on how their knowledge will apply in the real world, and too many unique teens with different goals, talents and gifts have been forced down the same conventional path like it’s a one size fits all solution. While many things need to change to fix this problem, there’s one great place to start: teach entrepreneurship to students. Here’s why:

It prepares them for the real world.

We need more independent problem-solvers in the world, and we won’t get them by telling our students they need to rely on an employer to be successful. Running your own business requires critical-thinking, excellent communication skills, confidence and hard work, all qualities we need in our future leaders.

It levels the playing field.

Entrepreneurship has long been a path chosen by minorities, women and immigrants to build their own success when the rest of society wouldn’t give them a chance. Students of all socioeconomic backgrounds can benefit from knowing that if their ideas are good and their businesses address a true need of the community, they can create their own destinies. Entrepreneurship is also unconventional by nature. Rules about status, race and gender previously imposed on students suddenly begin to carry less weight as they consider creating their own business.

It helps them see anything is possible.

Teaching entrepreneurship helps students understand their dreams may not be as impossible as they thought and gives them the knowledge and tools to be successful. This inspires students to pursue their full potential, instead of taking a more traditional career path simply because they think it’s what they’re “supposed” to do.

It creates more jobs and a better economy.

Ultimately teaching students entrepreneurship isn’t just good for them, it’s good for us. By giving people the tools they need to pursue their career dreams while they are still young, they can start better businesses sooner that provide people with good, quality jobs and help create a thriving economy. Now we know all these reasons beg the question, how is this done? While we would love to see more schools offering entrepreneurship courses, not all educators have the time and resources to offer them now. Reach out to other organizations already doing a great job of teaching entrepreneurship, like Noble Impact in central Arkansas, and encourage students to get involved there and also check out our AEAF page for ways to help their schools get involved..